Elevate your Cyber Threat Strategy - Unlock XDR

Join Bytes & Secureworks for a selection of Leading Experts will unpack & discuss how XDR can transform your Cyber strategy.

Mastering FinOps: Optimising Your Cloud Environment

Register for our webinar how you can overcome the inefficiencies from a lack of Cloud Optimisation and the benefits of Financial Operations. You will also discover how you can reduce cloud wastage, achieve cost savings and much more!

Secure Your Azure – Live Sentinel Activation

Join Bytes & Microsoft for a technical walkthrough, focusing on Securing Azure with Native tools via the use of Microsoft Sentinel.

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Rubrik Ransomware Recovery

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Migrating Email Data with Ease

Migrating legacy on-premise Archive to something better…may be easier than you think! See how...

Secure and protect with Veeam Backup & Replication

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Wiping Out Avoidable Cloud Breaches

Lessons learnt from cloud breaches

Secure Cloud Console: visibility and management for M365

Easily recover data from Exchange, Sharepoint and One Drive.

RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams

Optimise your investment with Microsoft 365 using exceptional enterprise PBX capabilities

Automating IT with Red Hat Ansible

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Why and How to Replace your MPLS

Expert guidance on MPLS replacement

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Snow Cloud Commander Launch

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