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Rethinking Remote Access

Explore a new approach for enabling secure remote access to internally managed applications.

The Shape of Advanced Threats 2018

Arm your business with the latest insights into Advanced Threats

The Role of CASB in Cloud Security

Measures to gain visibility and reduce cloud application risks.

Recent Webinars

SSL: A Critical Security Blindspot

Must-know facts on SSL encrypted threats & hidden malware

Re-Think Security with Centrify

Protect your organisation against cyber attacks and data breaches

Microsoft Azure Security Solutions

Enterprise-grade security for Azure deployments with Barracuda

Make Significant Cost Savings with Azure

Discover how you can enhance business processes and reduce costs with Azure

Insider Threats - Means, Motive, Opportunity

The Anatomy of Insider Breaches, and how your business can counteract them.

VMware Cloud Foundation

The software-defined data centre platform for the hybrid cloud

Ransomware: The Perfect Crime?

Analysis of Ransomware attacks & the latest protection strategies

CrowdStrike - Built to Stop Breaches

The New Standard in Endpoint Security & Incident Response Management

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