Our Licensing, Management and Optimisation services deliver exceptional results.


Bytes' Services for a Future-Proof Software Portfolio

Our experienced consultants are well-equipped to lead you towards achieving your desired results, whilst taking the workload off of you.

Let's swiftly address your most urgent concerns today with the most suited service, to help you make informed decisions, to cultivate a well-maintained software portfolio for the future.

Our Licensing, Optimisation and Management Services deliver exceptional results

Our expert consultants are perfectly placed to guide you to the outcomes you need. Let’s find answers quickly to your most pressing issues today — and act wisely to create a well-managed software portfolio tomorrow.

Azure Cost Optimisation

Are you struggling to manage costs for your organisation's public cloud services?

We provide commercial, technical and cloud governance of your Azure usage. Our commercial optimisation recommendation include using the correct purchasing option for your business, which you can find out more in our animation and the options available to you.

As a Bytes customer, you will have access to Quantum; our cloud based platform that provides technical and spend analytics on azure usage.

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