CSP Co-op Funds - How will you invest?

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Beginning January 1, 2020, Microsoft have introduced co-op as a component of the CSP Indirect Reseller incentive program. *(For eligible partners who hold a minimum Silver Microsoft Competency and have enrolled in the Partner Incentives program within Partner Center)

You may invest co-op funds to conduct marketing activities to facilitate readiness, drive sales pipeline growth, develop specialisations, or attain Microsoft certifications.

The incentive funds for resellers are earned and paid out as follows:

csp co op funds.JPG

  • “Earning Period” is the six months during which partners earn rebates and co-op.
  • “Usage Period” refers to the six months that immediately follow the Earning Period. 

Partners perform co-op activities and submit claims during the Usage Period. There is a forty-five-day grace period after the end of the Usage Period for partners to complete their claim submissions. If funds are not claimed by the conclusion of the grace period, they will be forfeited and retired with no possibility of reinstatement.

Speak with your Bytes Account Manger today and discuss how we can support you in obtaining these funds.

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