WVD Portal Integration and A/V redirection now available

Monday 10th August 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop portal integration now generally available

Microsoft released the Azure portal and ARM integration into public preview in April 2020. This greatly simplified and improved the object model, deployment and management of the Windows Virtual Desktop service.

It’s now possible to deploy and maintain a WVD solution through the portal without.

On July 27th Microsoft announced that the general availability of the integration to fully support production deployments.

See the announcement here. 

Windows Virtual Desktop A/V redirection now generally available

Virtual desktops have previously not been ideal for audio and video conferencing in Microsoft Teams due to latency issues. 

Microsoft have announced the new A/V redirect feature in WVD, which will remove the latency issues. 

Once your customers have enabled the A/V redirect in the Desktop client for Windows, Microsoft Teams calls and meetings audio and video will be handled locally. 

Your customers can still use Microsoft Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop with other clients without optimized calling and meetings. Microsoft Teams chat and collaboration features are supported on all platforms.

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