Curricula LMS: Microsoft Teams Integration

By placing your training and learning in one centralised platform – Curricula LMS and Microsoft Teams  - will help streamline and scale learning in your business. 

Curricula LMS is fully integrated in Microsoft Teams;  the learning platform to help increase user adoption and reinforce learning with our Microsoft 365 video training content.

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Learn in the flow of work

Maximise use of your existing Microsoft 365 investment.  Allow users to be more efficient with their time and avoid App hopping by placing learning direcTly in the flow of work – in Microsoft Teams.

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Hybrid Learning Community

Create a community between learners to drive collaborative learning in a hybrid work world

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Familiarity & Easy Access

A more consistent and Single-Sign-On experience for both learning and work in the same digital workspace  – making learning part of everyday work.

How we do it

Fully integrated in Microsoft Teams  - With Curricula LMS inside your Microsoft Teams platform, learning and work can stay in the same digital workspace, giving  learners the freedom to work and learn anywhere, anytime.

Centralised reporting –  Centrally monitor learner journeys  and pivot your training to behaviour and trends.

Validate Skills and learning progress :  Add a quiz at the end of a course and track progress of completion and pass marks.

Badges and Certifications : Recognise growth and incentivise learning behaviour with badges and certifications on training completion 

Integration with other content providers -  Access unlimited courses from top providers. Train employees and help advance their careers. Our LMS already integrates with existing content providers: SANS, Viva Learning, GO1, Linkedin Learning.

Stay compliant with new regulations - Ensure employees are up to date on their compliance responsibilities by creating compliance training and track completion for all learners

Learning Assistant  - use the Delphi bot to find your courses, learning paths or specific courses.

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Empower your employees to do more with the Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft 365 training content will give employees the latest knowledge and skills to deploy, manage and understand when to use what application in Microsoft 365.   

We have over 30 courses comprising of over 800 lessons with new courses being added all the time

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