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Your business has a new shape. It is expanding globally, relying on data and applications in the Cloud, and driven by a mobile workforce. It was easier to securely connect the business when it had one simple network perimeter – but that perimeter has now gone.

Cato provides a global SD-WAN with built-in network security, delivered as a cloud service. The Cato Cloud securely connects all business locations, people, and applications. Cato reduces MPLS costs, eliminates distributed appliances, provides secure internet access, and globally extends the WAN to mobile users and cloud datacenters.

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Bytes couple their commercial expertise with their extensive technical knowledge to aid their customers in taking a new approach to protecting their WAN and making the most of the cloud-first technology we offer. ”

Raif Mehmet, Regional Director UK, CATO Networks

Bytes are working with CATO to create the Future of SD-WAN - Today

Today, Bytes and Cato Networks are helping businesses move towards a cloud-based, secure global SD-WAN.


With the Cato Cloud organisations will have a simple, agile, and self-service solution built from the ground up as a cloud service. They can take advantage of cloud and mobility initiatives and avoid the many challenges of a traditional MPLS based WAN, such as appliance outlay, administration complexity and service disruption.

Speak to the Bytes team about re-envisioning your SD-WAN with CATO today. Our expert security solutions team will work with you to define a WAN which will:

· Cut MPLS connectivity costs by augmenting or replacing MPLS with affordable, global SD-WAN.

· Improve performance between global locations, including China, with SLA-backed global backbone, not available with edge SD-WAN appliances.

· Provide secure Internet access everywhere without deploying edge security appliances.

· Optimally connect cloud datacentres to the WAN with fast and secure access for any user or location and a unified policy.

· Optimise and secure global mobile users access to physical and cloud datacenters and applications.


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