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The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway is constructed on 100% cloud engineered containerised architecture. iboss Cloud secures user access to the Internet from anywhere, including within and outside the physical network perimeter. Regardless of device or location, users are always connected to iboss cloud to ensure internet traffic is secured for compliance, malware defence, web filtering and data loss at all times. As iboss cloud lives in the cloud, security runs wherever users go to satisfy the cloud-first organisation’s requirements with elastic and immediate scaling. Without forfeiting security or usability, iboss cloud offers a seamless transition from on-premise web gateway appliances to a cloud-based platform.

We can help your business achieve its goals

Our dedicated Security Team have a deep understanding of iboss, how their product portfolio works and how it compares to alternatives. We can simply supply a price for your next renewal, or help you devise the right security strategy, advising on best-fit solutions that work for your environments - whether they are on-premise, cloud, virtualised or mobile focussed. We also have a range of security assessment offerings specifically designed to protect your organisation.

  • Keep your business up, running and secure against hackers, malware and zero-day exploits
  • Ensure valuable data remains protected inside and outside your network to maintain compliance
  • Protect your endpoints and mobile devices against all threats
  • Streamline your business workflow, saving you time and money

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