Illumio delivers security segmentation, unlocked from your network

Illumio enables organizations to realize a future without high-profile breaches by providing visibility, segmentation, and control of all network communications across any data centre or cloud. Some of the world’s largest enterprises trust Illumio including Live Nation, Fedex, Salesforce, BNP Baribas and the Bank of England to reduce cyber-risk and maintain their critical network segmentation simply.

The Illumio platform offers visibility and control across any cloud or data centre environment, seamlessly protecting workloads and critical business applications without impacting network performance. 


We partner with Bytes to ensure that customers receive the best in technical knowledge and project delivery. Their ability to support business transformation and vision for a simpler security landscape means they are the perfect extension of the Illumio team.”

Scott Walker, Channel Director EMEA.

Now is the time to unlock security from your network.

We can help you see, segment and control access, quicker and easier than traditional segmentation solutions.

Bytes know that the security landscape is ever changing and increasingly complex. This is why we have partnered with Illumio who offer an alternative to the traditional use of firewalls in your data centre. 

We know that reducing the attack surface is hard and that network performance can suffer as a result. 

Decoupling your security segmentation from your network helps enforce policy closer to what’s being secured ensuring network teams aren’t ‘hindered’ by security policy, and are safe to make changes without breaking applications, whilst improving network performance.   

Segmentation doesn’t have to be costly. Bytes and Illumio can help businesses free up the value of the network, improve speed of delivery – fully optimising your business as it grows.

How Illumio Helps

  • 90% Simpler - Less Network Complexity

No need for a million rules, Illumio reduces policies in plain language.

  • 100% Confidence – Less Risk, Less downtime

Testing policy before enforcement means no more worry about breaking applications through one rule change.

  • 5 x Faster – Segmentation at the speed of your business

Illumio can be deployed in less time than traditional segmentation. Taking days, not months to go live will free your teams up to do other work.

  • Improved Spend – Cost savings, without the compromise

Cut your spend on the operational costs of switches, routers and firewalls.


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