Autonomous Endpoint Protection

A group of defense and intelligence experts saw savvy attackers compromising endpoints seemingly at will.They founded SentinelOne to develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection, applying AI and machine learning to thwart known and unknown threats.

When attackers come after our privacy, intellectual property, infrastructure, and collaborative modes of working, they assault more than just data. That is why SentinelOne is dedicated to keeping their breakthrough platform ahead of threats from every vector. Gartner, NSS Labs, and industry leading organisations recognise that their approach sets them apart.




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Bytes SP have proven themselves as one of the leading solution partners in introducing new and emerging technologies to the UK market. It is their ability to demonstrate both commercial and technical capabilities that has allowed them to continually add new customers. Through the strong relationship and commitment from the Bytes team, collectively we are enabling customers to cut through the noise of the endpoint market with the fastest growing and only single agent EPP & Active EDR platform in the world.”

Pete Carfrae - SentinelOne Channel Manager, UK & Ireland

Bytes and SentinelOne enable business to overcome EPP & EDR challenges

Bytes and SentinelOne are helping businesses towards a combined EPP & EDR story which Gartner says by 2020 will have merged into a single offering, eliminating the need to buy separate EPP & EDR products for most environments.

As the fastest growing and only endpoint security vendor that has combined EPP & EDR into one single agent, built from the ground up, SentinelOne is best placed to resolve key endpoint security challenges for Bytes customers and to pioneer a combined, more efficient and cost effective endpoint security approach to the market.

  • Single agent for EPP & Active EDR
  • Protection not cloud reliant
  • Machine speed response time
  • Automated & manual threat hunting
  • Cloud or On Prem Management
  • Fully API driven
  • Multi-tennant console
  • Rollback capabilities

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