The Varonis Data Security Platform

Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, specialising in software for data security, governance, compliance, classification, and analytics.

Varonis detects insider threats and cyberattacks by analysing file activity and user behaviour; prevents disaster by locking down sensitive data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation.

Bytes and Varonis work together to ensure that businesses can protect the heart of their organisation, their data.


Bytes SP are passionate about technology, and not only strive to ensure their customers are offered the very best security solutions but also provide support throughout the implementation of the technology. For Varonis, having a partner that truly understands our solutions and how to apply them to the specific needs of their customers is paramount. Varonis know that Bytes SP is committed to both us and the customer in every step of that journey.”

Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers, UK, Varonis Systems

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We’re relentlessly focused on securing data

Data assets are the most valuable – and vulnerable – components of the global economy. Along with employees, data is at the heart of almost every organisation, yet conventional cyber security solutions, by themselves, have failed to protect it. On average, over 20% of an organization's data is accessible to every employee. 70% of attacks take months or years to discover.

But not for our customers. Our customers always know where their most valuable data is – both on premises or in the cloud. Only the right people have access to only the right data. With real-time awareness of how employees use data, our clients flag and stop malicious behaviour in its tracks.


Bytes and Varonis provide Comprehensive Security Analytics for Your Data

In our work with thousands of organisations, Varonis has developed a proven, efficient methodology for organisations to monitor, protect, and manage their data.

Varonis' data-centric approach reduces risk, increases efficiency and helps achieve compliance with data-centric regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Teaming with Bytes SP, Varonis take you on the full data security operational journey:

  Prepare - prioritise and assess risks, identify sensitive data.

 Operationalise - Create incident response plan based on alerts, including automatio

   Fix – broken ACLs, and eliminate global access to sensitive data.

  Transform – identify data owners and simplify permission structures

 Automate – workflow, quarantining and policy enforcement.

 Improve - Regularly review risks, alerts and processes to ensure continuous improvement

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