Vectra® is transforming cyber security with AI.

Vectra's Cognito™ platform automates cyberattack detection and response from data centre and cloud workloads to user and IoT devices. Cognito performs real-time attack hunting by analysing rich metadata from network traffic, relevant logs and cloud events to detect attacker behaviours.

Vectra Cognito correlates threats, prioritizes hosts based on risk and provides rich context to empower response with existing endpoint, NAC and firewall security, reducing security operations workload by 32X.

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Bytes understands security transformation, and quickly realised where Vectra’s Cognito AI can help reduce business risk by automating the detection and response of hidden cyberattacks active within enterprises. They’re an experienced and trusted advisor, and technically skilled integrator. We look forward to partnering with them throughout 2018 and beyond for their, and their clients’ success.”

Sandra Hilt, EMEA Channel Director, Vectra

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Early detection and response makes the difference between a low-level security event, or a full-blown security incident that significantly impacts your organisation, and your customers.

Helping businesses detect and respond to the cyber threats that defeat or evade security defences

AI algorithms expose the fundamental behaviours of hidden and unknown attackers. Automation shows hosts at the highest risk, based on threat and certainty, instead of generating more events to analyse.


Hosts participating in larger attacks are grouped within an attack campaign that expose related external command-and-control behaviours and lateral communication between infected hosts to further automate manual correlation of detections across multiple workloads and hosts to accelerates incident response.

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The Power of AI - The Vectra Difference

  • AI powered signatureless automated attacker detection
  • Works on clear and encrypted communications
  • Reduced active attacker dwell time
  • Reduce security alert noise and analyst fatigue
  • Visibility across Cloud, DC, Campus, Branch, IoT, Users


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