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Bytes and The NHS

Bytes Software Services Ltd is a specialist software and services provider, experts in the management of licensing and agreements for all major software vendors. We are also Microsoft's #1 provider of their software in the UK.

Over 40% of Bytes business is with UK Public Sector Organisations, and we have a significant focus with the NHS. There is a dedicated team of expert NHS Account Managers, who can help you get the most out of your software investments, while understanding the uniqueness of the NHS.

We currently service over 200 NHS organisations with their licensing and software services requirements, and are assisting many with their transition to, and management of cloud services.

More recently we have been selected by NHS Digital as the partner to manage the new NHS Windows Managed Service Agreement. We will be the point of contact for all NHS organisations if they want to access the free Windows E5 licenses that are available, as well as assist in planning and migrating to Windows 10.

To request Windows Licenses or ask us about the NHS Agreement

Call 01372 418763 or email: nhsea@bytes.co.uk

NHS Windows Managed Service Agreement

Bytes are THE partner for NHS Digital for the provision of Windows Operating System licenses across the NHS in England. This web site is the central place to find all the information on the agreement and how to access it. More information will be available as the agreement comes live, so keep checking back here

The Windows Managed Service Agreement provides Microsoft Operating System licenses including the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) facility. It is free of charge to local NHS organisations.

The ATP facility gives local organisations better cyber security protection in their own right. And, since it is also linked into the NHS Digital Data Security Centre (DSC), it improves cyber security protection for local health and care communities, and the NHS as a whole.

Full Service Overview

How to access the Managed Service Agreement

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We send you the 'Digital Service Agreement'. You then sign and return to us.


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Simplify Window 10 Migration with Ivanti

Windows 10 migration is daunting, but Ivanti technology significantly reduces migration complexity.

With Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management you can ensure that Windows 10 deployments are secured, configured and maintained thought out every stage of the migration – and managed efficiently in production.

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  • Replace, re-image, or upgrade devices
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  • End-user productivity loss post-migration re-configuring their applications


Further Resources For NHS ATP

The NHS Digital Implementation Guide is available by contacting atpfeedback@nhs.net

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