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Making sure you avoid misconfigurations and breaches

This service offers you Check Point’s award-winning Cloud Guard Posture Management cloud compliance solution for 30 days, at no cost, so you can detect and plug your cloud security and compliance gaps.

Bytes set up your trial Cloud Security Posture Management account. Within 15 minutes, your cloud platforms are connected. You start to see results within an hour. Gain a clear, detailed and complete map of your overall public cloud health.

Trial lasts 30 days at no cost or obligation.


Cloud Assets Configuration

Identify which applications and workloads you have running on the cloud.


Public Exposure Levels

Understand the applications and workloads that are public-facing and more vulnerable to threats.


Network Topology

Review your network layout and understand areas prone to threat exposure.


Security Groups

Discover and classify your security groups by varying exposure levels.


Traffic and User Activity

Review how applications and workloads interact and the traffic associated.


This service includes..

This exclusive service gives you real time insight into your cloud security posture quickly easily, and includes:

  • Onboarding of multiple cloud platform accounts
  • An overview of any security issues that are identified by the platform
  • The ability to run a continuous compliance ruleset on each account
  • Remediation steps against best practice

Simple Setup - No Cost


In as little as an hour after set up you will be detecting and plugging your cloud security and compliance gaps across multiple public clouds, for free.

Explore how Check Point’s advanced technology can detect & plug gaps in your cloud security and governance with our free no-obligation 30 day Cloud Security Snapshot. Enquire below today.

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