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The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 18 Critical Security Controls is a prioritised set of best practices created to stop the most pervasive and dangerous threats of today. Developed by leading security experts from around the world, the set is refined and validated every year.

While there is no silver bullet for security, organisations can significantly reduce their risk of compromise by implementing the CIS top 18 critical security controls, as they move from a compliance-driven approach to a risk management one.



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Bytes CIS Gap Analysis Session

Bytes CIS Gap Analysis Session gives businesses a Security Posture Gap Analysis based on the CIS Top 18 Controls. Those 18 security best practices are most likely to have a material impact on your business’ ability in preventing breaches and reducing risk.

An expert analysis of security solution details by our engineers will provide tangible recommendations on improving/refining your security provision to maximise risk-reduction and compliance while keeping expenditure under control.

We have created this engagement to better work with our customers in building a first-class cyber security strategy which complies to established best practices.

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No tools or scripts

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Tailored to each individual company

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Encompasses all areas of security best practice

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Industry Recognised

Internationally approved, continually updated framework

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Zero Cost

Our engineer led service is completely free

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Independent Advice

Vendor agnostic approach focused on best practices


Why Bytes offer this

The CIS Gap Analysis session allows Bytes to deliver value to the customer by assisting in the alignment of their security infrastructure to industry recognised frameworks. 

  • Collate information on your current security solutions, their functionality & utilisation.
  • Compare your current security provision across multiple areas to the top 18 CIS Controls.
  • Deliver a session outlining the results, identifying key focus areas & outlining improvement recommendations.
  • Provide a detailed report with RAG Matrix, tangible next steps, improvement areas & impact of gap analysis.

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