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Your people access and share data using a wide variety of cloud apps.


This makes it a tough task to monitor how and where your data is being used as well as the level of risk these factors cause, leaving blind spots in your capacity to monitor and manage cloud apps and users.

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Cloud Usage Patterns

Which potentially harmful activities are happening in your cloud apps?


Geographical Usage

Which countries is data travelling to/from? (you may be surprised)


Privileged Users

Do you more administrators than you need?

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Dormant Users

Are you overspending on unused licenses?

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Risky Users

Who are your riskiest users and why?

Why run this assessment

This Assessment is a quick, low impact way of detecting who your riskiest users are, where your data is and how it is being used and can be customised to your cloud infrastructure whether it is Office365, Box, G Suite or

Even if you do not have any Shadow IT you may be surprised at the results of this assessment


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