Are you equipped to fight email fraud?

Email fraudsters pose as internal executives or legitimate organisations to access customer & staff resources.
Attacks don't use malware so are invisible to most email security tools.
More than 22,000 companies have fallen victim to email fraud since 2015. Do you have adequate defences?  

The Good News Is ....You can fight back to protect your organisation

HMRC worked with Bytes partner & email security leader Proofpoint to stop 300 million phishing emails in its name using DMARC.
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What is DMARC

The DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) standard is the most powerful weapon to date in the fight against spoofing.  

It allows senders to reclaim domain control and block malicious messages before they reach inboxes.

Implementing DMARC is the best way to protect your email traffic against phishing and other fraudulent activity. It empowers you to ensure legitimate email is properly authenticating and that fraudulent activity appearing to come from domains under your company’s control is blocked before it reaches your customers.

The First Step to Fraud Survival
Ask about our Free DMARC Assessment

Bytes and Proofpoint are offering a DMARC Assessment as the first step for businesses interested in understanding their email fraud risk.

This free assessment is a quick and easy way to understand your potential exposure and how DMARC email authentication can help prevent the problem.
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A Record

A DMARC record that can be used to collect data on email using your domains.

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Visibility into all suspicious email being sent, including geographic details.

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Guidence on steps that can be taken to improve your security.

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