Vital Risk Visibility & Knowledge

Our comprehensive set of Security Assessments, from Data Risk Assessments to Firewall Health Checks, quantify your level of cyber risk across varied areas of security, testing compliance and providing a baseline for security across your business.

Check Point Health Check

Your Check Point firewalls are designed to protect your business against ever-evolving emerging threats. Are they still working to their optimal levels?

Unnoticed over time, many issues can develop that hamper your network performance. If left unchecked these can lead to business impacting events. The Bytes Check Point health check is a fast, non-disruptive process that goes right under the hood of your firewall systems, giving them a full MOT. It highlights any lurking issues and ensures that everything is running as it should, giving you complete confidence in your firewall capacity.


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Know your Network Security Assessment

Instant Visibility on Hidden nasties which expose you to breaches.

Cyber security problems seldom jump out at you the way normal IT issues do. This is because attackers purpose-build cyber threats to avoid detection.

Find out what's really happening with your network traffic right now with our no cost 'Know your Network' Security Assessment.

Our accredited security engineers will analyse your network, collect and report back to you with comprehensive intelligence on active threats in your complete environment - network, endpoints and mobile devices.

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Data Risk Assessment

If you had a breach tomorrow, what would you lose?

You can't protect what you don't know is vulnerable and "We didn't know" isn't an excuse your customers or the government will accept. See where your sensitive data is and where it is exposed. Get a detailed, true-to-life report that reveals the vulnerabilities hackers will hunt for.

This Free Risk Assessment will open your eyes to your unknown weak spots and give you concrete steps to prioritise and fix major security risks.

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Office 365 Health Check

Use Office 365 with Confidence

Sophisticated attacks such as spear-phishing and ransomware use email as a primary entry point, bringing financial impact, data and productivity loss. This applies to cloud email such as Microsoft Office 365 as much as on premises infrastructure.

Gain peace of mind and see all Office 365 security threats with a free Office 365 Security Healthcheck from Bytes and Check Point.

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Shadow IT/ Cloud Threat Assessment

What is your exposure to Shadow IT and unsanctioned app usage?

With the rise of BYOD in the work place it has become much more difficult to track exactly what employees are using in order to complete their day to day tasks.

This assessment will help bring the shadows to light by bringing your levels of Shadow IT and unsanctioned app usage into the foreground.

This detailed report of your cloud-application risk posture provides customised assessments on Office365, Box, Salesforce and more.


Privileged Account Assessment

What risk and dangers do your privileged users bring?

With this free assessment Bytes is able to help you not only determine who in your organisation holds privileged access but which of them hold the most risk.

This assessment will give you a snapshot of privileged account activity and behaviour patterns, allowing you to manage levels of privilege more accurately, reducing security risks.


Email Fraud Assessment

How often are attackers spoofing your organisation?

With this assessment we look at your email traffic to determine how often your organisation is being spoofed or phished. This assessment can also determine how successful these types of attacks are succesful and who are the most likely to click. 

See how your domain is being used by threat actors to target your employees, business partners and customers. Our DMARC Assessment is a quick and easy way to understand your potential exposure and how DMARC email authentication can help prevent the problem.

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