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Shadow Search

Shadow Search is Digital Shadows’ powerful, easy-to-use search engine that combines structured technical data with content from the open, deep and dark web.

The most popular use cases includes enriching incidents, tracking third party vulnerabilities and researching emerging threats.

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The Threat Landscape is Ever Expanding

With the ever expanding threat landscape and rising mitigation costs, it is even more critical to detect and remediate threats quickly and effectively. However, security organisations struggle with the volume and lack of context provided by many event sources and require additional threat intelligence to make the best decisions. With easy-to-interpret results, Shadow Search saves analyst time by putting the information they need at their fingertips, when they need it, all with an intuitive interface.

Shadow Search Datasheet
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Giving Time Back

Shadow Search, is all about giving time back to security teams. This platform was developed as the insights provided by Digital Shadow’s alerts were proving to be really useful in support of security operations process for alerts from other sources.

Looking at this, it was felt there was an opportunity to add more information sources and scope to make the massive amounts of data from the deep, dark, and open web more accessible and discoverable from the SearchLight portal, better supporting these security operations as they make decisions.

There are many ways of assessing the security of an environment and considering if you are adequately protected. However, what this generally lacks is the context around the threat landscape that you operate in. How do you know whether you are a target, if you have already had events that you are unaware of, how much is known about your digital footprint or the digital shadow that follows you? This is where threat intelligence comes in. It allows the context to be placed around an organisation to understand the landscape you operate in, and how successful (or not in some cases) your controls have been

Steve Marshall, UK Group CISO, Bytes


Designed to provide crucial data

Shadow Search was designed specifically to provide the data that security teams need to make decisions faster.

Shadow Search transforms the threat intelligence search function, delivering market leading coverage and user experience. Users now have unrestricted access to a vast and expanding Digital Shadows content repository to investigate and pivot between data sources, threat actor information and incidents.


Diverse Security, Relevant Sources

Shadow Search includes security relevant sources as diverse as criminal forums, reputable security blogs and dark web pages, in addition to Digital Shadows cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and third-party threat intelligence feeds. Organisations can use this practical and actionable information to enhance their understanding of threats, in their business context.

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