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Standing the test of time and change

The challenge of ensuring that your security infrastructure, policies and procedures stand the test of time and constant change is one that Bytes meets head on.

For 16 years we have been trusted by customers in every sector and size to future-proof their security – we work with global companies and small, fast growing organisations to provide a consistent approach to practical security solutions.

We are one of the most qualified and highly accredited global partners for many of the leading technology vendors. In the UK we are one of just 2 resellers to share Check Point’s 4 Star Elite accreditation due to our deep understanding of the market and their strategy and solutions.

Bytes were able to design, configure and successfully implement a robust solution that now meets all of Mott MacDonald's infrastructure management requirements. Bytes' technical expertise is coupled with robust project management to ensure successful delivery within very tight timescales and within a fixed budget.

Mott MacDonald

  • Strategy and Planning

    Customers benefit from C Level Security strategy days, whiteboarding sessions with senior Technical consultants, on site security training and sessions to map out future infrastructure needs.

  • Technology Review and Selection

    Our technology team do not just assess the capabilities of vendor products, but assess your needs and match and actively search for the best solutions to fit then. They then tailor those solutions around your existing infrastructure.

  • Project Design

    To provide comprehensive business solutions that match your specific requirements, your account manager and assigned technician document your full requirements and the precise technical aspects of your environment that we require to plan around.

  • Details Project Scoping

    Scoping is the most important part of the job – making sure we deliver what you wanted in the first place. A minimum of a week prior to arriving on site you receive detailed project plans complete with step-by-step timeframes, responsibilities & actions – responsibilities we take seriously.

  • Personal Project Briefing

    Prior to any work we walk you through your project plan to ensure it matches your expectations. This ensures crystal clarity on the objectives of the install, the project deliverables, any client obligations and a timed list of expected tasks. The result, we start off on the right foot, and

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