The refreshing alternative to rigid tools-based testing

How secure is your core infrastructure, your mobile apps or your cloud deployments? How well can you protect yourself against a physical breach, social engineering or inside threats?

Bytes can provide an accurate picture - so you’ll know exactly what action to take today to increase the overall health, strength and breadth of your security posture.


Minimising vulnerability for good

Bytes’ wide range of penetration testing and assurance services are designed to find those issues and vulnerabilities hiding in plain sight in your infrastructure, applications and cloud services. We provide guidance on remediation fast, making a lasting impact to the health and performance of your security - bringing your business much more than a snapshot or compliance tick-in-the-box.

Penetration testing and assurance services from Bytes minimise the window of opportunity for attackers, guard against systemic failings and identify simple errors that widen your vulnerability. With our help, you could reduce security incidents by up to 95%.

Our Services Include


Infrastructure Testing

Internal and external infrastructure testing icluding vulnerability analysis, Wifi, VLAN and containment breakout


Build Reviews

Covering firewall/router set reviews, static and dynamic code reviews, systems reviews, mobile devices and more


Cloud Testing

Dedicated services to test cloud infrastructure and services, including Azure and AWS testing, plus IaaS, PaaS, public, private and hybrid cloud


Application Testing

Varied solutions and methods to test web and mobile applications, client-side application testing and API manipulation and testing


Covert Under-the-Radar Testing

'Undercover' services including reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, social engineering and insider threats with/without privileges


Bytes Go Further

Our tester prides themselves on finding your weaknesses before a real attacker does. 

But Bytes’ go further – our success is not gauged by how clever we are at breaking in, but your ability to resolve the issues we find.  We spend more time on telling you how to fix your issues, rather than just what they are, whether from a small snapshot or a full Red Team Exercise on your entire environment.

Most importantly we give you direct access to your tester throughout the whole process, always on hand to answer questions about remediation – so you apply improvements and reach full security fitness - faster.

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