Stay Secure and Compliant

To keep secure and compliant, it’s crucial to find and eliminate security weaknesses before cyber criminals exploit them.

Unfortunately, ever-changing systems, services, applications and threats means new vulnerabilities are constantly created. To keep pace, vulnerability scanning must be a continual, on-going process.

For those facing challenges in managing this in-house, whether down to limited time for scanning, limited skills inhouse, limited budget for technology or a skilled team already overloaded with business-critical projects, Bytes can level the playing field.

Managed Vulnerability Overview

Cost-Effective 'Always On'

Our cost-effective ‘always on’ Vulnerability Management Service puts experienced analysts with industry-leading tools at your disposal 24/7. 

We identify, classify and prioritise security weaknesses as they occur, without interrupting business-as-usual, providing you with:

  • Real-time views to stay ahead: Always be up-to-date with risks
  • Remediation guidance: Removes hours deciphering complex reports
  • Visibility on issues, speeding remediation: Prioritised analysis of exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Faster decision-making: Simplified response & remediation based on concise, relevant reporting
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Why Opt for a Vulnerability Management Service

  • Increased complexity - Increased infrastructure complexity means new vulnerabilities arise daily. Staying ahead requires always-on scanning.
  • High Breach Costs - Breaches make headline news. Reputations are impacted with a single incident. Vulnerabilities are the weakest link.
  • Lack of Specialist Skills - Specialist analyst skills are difficult & costly to find externally and time-consuming to train internally.
  • Internal Task Overload - IT teams with increasing workloads find the continous scanning process difficult to manage.
  • Rising system ‘noise’ - needs increased analysis in order to prioritise vulnerabilities - can lead to delays in response. 
  • 24/7 Scanning a Must - New vulnerabilities arise daily. IT needs 24/7 vigilance. Investing 24/7 in in-house management is expensive.

24/7 Management

Infrastructure monitored, managed and maintained around the clock. SLAs are applied with full notification and escalation processes.


Next Generation Ready

We manage multi-layered stateful FW/IPS including application control, DDoS protection, IPS, sandboxing, VPN, remote access & other technologies.


Scale & Flexibility

Set up to support differing capacity and service needs from the smallest business to the largest global Multinational company.


Change Management

All policy amends follow change management processes and are assessed for risk & suitability by Bytes, providing an auditable change history.


Pay as you use

No need to maintain firewall technologies. This responsibility is passed to the Bytes expert engineers in our global Security Operations Centre.


Accredited and Assured

Engineers are CISSP, CCNS, CompTIA; ITIL V3; CoBIT 5.0 accredited with multiple vendor certifications - Check Point, Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, BlueCoat & more.

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