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SearchLight is Digital Shadows market leading Digital Risk Protection platform, searching the most locations in the visible, deep and dark web to find external digital risks to your business.

The key use cases of SearchLight are to find and remediate instances of data leakage, identify and remove any damaging impersonations of your brand and intellectual property and to alert and respond to risks to your internet facing infrastructure.

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The Threat Landscape is Ever Expanding

Whether it’s intellectual property, proprietary code, personal data or financial information, the goal of information security is to protect these assets. However, it’s not enough to only focus on your data stores - you need to know what data is already exposed.

SearchLight detects when sensitive documents, customer details, or employee credentials are exposed online.

Data Leakage Detection Datasheet

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a mysterious unknown for many organizations. Unfortunately, gaining visibility into these locations is extemely challenging - it requires a knowledge of the criminal underground, logins to underground sites, and technology that's capable of monitoring these sources. More than 150m criminal forums and dark web pages are indexed by SearchLight and we will look for any risks to your organisation.

Dark Web Monitoring Datasheet

There are many ways of assessing the security of an environment and considering if you are adequately protected. However, what this generally lacks is the context around the threat landscape that you operate in. How do you know whether you are a target, if you have already had events that you are unaware of, how much is known about your digital footprint or the digital shadow that follows you? This is where threat intelligence comes in. It allows the context to be placed around an organisation to understand the landscape you operate in, and how successful (or not in some cases) your controls have been

Steve Marshall, UK Group CISO, Bytes

Brand Protection

Phishing is one of the most popular and trusted tactics used by attackers. By impersonating organizations' brands online, attackers can launch more convincing phishing campaigns.

SearchLight finds brand exposure online – we’re looking for impersonating domains, spoof social media accounts and mobile applications targeting your customers, employees, and suppliers.

Brand Protection Datasheet

Attack Surface Reduction


Security teams seeking to identify weaknesses in their infrastructure may turn to a range of tools. While it's easy to perform a vulnerability scan against known assets, ascertaining what is the highest priority is difficult. Worse still, it’s difficult to identify and keep track of the infrastructure you are trying to protect.

Attack Surface Monitoring Datasheet