Audit & Risk Management

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Increased connectivity means higher risks

The modern digital landscape creates great opportunity. With this opportunity comes new risk: that the data and systems we rely on will be compromised in ways that are increasingly difficult to find or defend against.

As we can’t protect what we cant see, organisations turn to Bytes to start their security journey by understanding where they are, what they need to do to achieve their objectives and how to avoid pitfalls along the way.

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We look past point solutions

Bytes look past point solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is both secure and available. Our mission is to help customers assess risk, detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond to breaches when they happen. Auditing and Assessment is a pivotal part of the path to secure business.

Bytes Audit & Assessment Services

Services in this area may take the form of an honest, independent assessment of organisations current security posture and risks, a detailed technology audit and review or a managed proof of concept of technology in a much needed area.

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Technology Audit

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Risk Assessment

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Threat Updates

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Infrastructure Reviews

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Accredited Engineers & Security Consultants


Our team of accredited engineers and security consultants provide businesses with audit services, security strategy definition support, threat analysis and consultancy services to aid them in future proofing their infrastructure and proving the value of security at senior management level.

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