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In the past, IT security was designed to keep people out of a network. Today, more and more data and applications need to be shared – from partners and customers to remote users in the field.

Businesses need to open their virtual doors to the world while ensuring only the trusted can enter. Many are turning to identity and access management solutions to achieve this.

Businesses require new methods to manage secure access to information and applications across multiple systems, delivering services to users without sacrifices in security. Companies must be able to trust the identities of users requiring access and easily administer identities cost-effectively.

Identity and Access Management solutions and services reduce the issues associated with user access and application deployments by combining control and visibility across multiple applications. They protect against network attacks by applying centralised security policies in a uniform fashion.

Bytes are experts in many areas of Identity and Access management from Secure Authentication to Policy Based Access Management, working with market leading technology providers across the spectrum of and offering a full range of support, consultancy and service propositions to meet your individual business priorities.

The relationship with Bytes SP is a long-term strategic one. The whole SP team are not seen as a supplier by figleaves.com, but as an extension of our team. Figleaves.com, Head of Operations

Secure Remote Access

Today businesses require secure access control to systems from any device and from any location – whether internal or external – to the corporate network.

Traditionally, securing networks involved building a wall around the edge of the network. However, this has all changed. Flexible and mobile working practices have resulted in the collapse of the traditional network. Today businesses require secure access control to systems from any device, and from any location – whether internal or external.

There is a demand for much greater flexibility and simpler network infrastructures, but as the need for access increases so does the need for greater protection from the increasingly sophisticated threats.

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