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Why Identity Security

IT security was designed to keep people out of a network. Today, more and more data and applications need to be shared – from partners and customers to remote users in the field.

These challenges can be tackled with innovative technologies in the realm of Identity Security. Whether you require a better handle on your Identity & Access Management (IAM), tighter controls for admin users and privileges across your estate (PAM), or the security of a tool to help tackle the governance and administration of your identities (IGA), the goal should be to securely connect anyone, from anywhere, to anything.

Businesses need to open their virtual doors to the world while ensuring only the trusted can enter. Many are turning to Identity Security solutions to achieve this.


Why Bytes

Bytes are experts in many areas of Identity Security from Consumer Identities to consolidation of Identity sources; Zero Trust to Secure Remote Access; Identity Governance to separation of duties.

Identity Security solutions and services reduce the issues associated with user access and application deployments by combining control and visibility across multiple applications. Bytes help you understand the complexities of tackling your IAM, PAM and IGA projects with the use of a phased deployment approach that works for you.

Identity Workshop

80% of Security Breaches are caused by compromised or weak credentials. Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to understand how to secure user access, balancing the need for ‘right now’ access to critical resources with business risk and compliance. Working out the correct approach can be complex but is business critical in order to provide your staff, customers & third parties with just the right access to the right resources in the right place at the right time.

Bytes are here to help. Our Free Identity & Access Workshop is designed to help you map out an Access & Identity strategy for your business which gets the balance between security and convenience right.

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Working with Bytes was pleasurable and highly professional. Our account manager was very knowledgeable across the technology stack and supported by experts in the wider team when needed.”

Rob Clifford, IT Director at IQ-EQ

Why partner with Bytes for Identity & Access Management

  • Tier 1 partnerships

    We hold top tier partnerships with leading vendors allowing us to offer high commercial value and indepth knowledge.

  • Technical Expertise

    All of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years' technical expertise with technologies.

  • Technical Service

    With a wide range of technical services across all solutions from security stratgey planning to training courses.

  • Direct to engineer

    With our direct to engineer support we ensure that we reduce the time you spend on support calls - never speak to first line support on calls.

  • We understand business

    We pride ourselves in our unparralleled understanding of your business allowing us to give you a bespoke and personal service.

Partners we work with for Identity Security


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