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Why Mobile Security

Smart phones, tablets and other employee-owned devices are now common place in the workplace. Organisations need strategies and solutions to manage these devices and, importantly, the sensitive data they access - without affecting employee productivity.

The growth of mobile devices and the demand for businesses to open up their corporate networks is increasing the opportunity for data loss. Now more than ever, it is critical that businesses secure their essential information at the end point with mobile security solutions.


Every organisation is different

Each organisations mobile security strategy is different, some have a strong business need for flexible use of all devices, others just want them locked down. Whether you're one of these extremes or somewhere in between Bytes has the experience and solution for your needs and policies.

Bytes Security Partnerships mobile security solutions can help you do all of this securely, covering all types of devices from the traditional company owned laptops of the on the road salesperson to the staff owned ipads being used by the CEO for corporate email and files.


Mobile Security

Providing safe corporate data usage and access from any device with full central visibility and control. Protecting users from emerging mobile specific malware.


Endpoint Security

Applying strong, unified security controls on every endpoint whilst simplifying management and costs across the organisation. Keeping all remote users and their devices safe.


Remote Access Control

SSL VPN and other solutions to enable users to access resources anywhere, anytime and using a variety of devices, but with the requisite security controls.



Bytes are experts in designing BYOD security solutions and in BYOD security policies. BSP demystify this growing area of concern for our customers.


Bytes are able to offer concise and clear advice. They have really helped us leverage the investment we have made, I would definitely recommend Bytes.

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