Absolute Zero Trust Security with Check Point Infinity

An ever-evolving IT environment and cyber-threat landscape have made legacy security infrastructures ineffective.

Based on the outdated assumption that anything within the security perimeter can be trusted, they leave organizations exposed to cyber-attacks. As evidence, 34% of cyber attacks in 2018 were perpetrated by insiders.

Across the industry, security professionals are shifting to a Zero Trust security paradigm to close these security gaps.

The Extended Zero Trust Security model, introduced by Forrester analysts, enables the adoption of a security posture of “Default Deny” where systems are isolated until a level of trust is established.

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The 7 Principles of Absolute Zero Trust Security With Check Point Infinity

Check Point's practical approach to Zero Trust Security implementation that is complete, efficient, threat preventative, and is based on single consolidated security architecture.

In this video we will show you how to use Check Point Infinity to set Zero Trust access policy across your entire environment, and implement all of the 7 principles of the Zero Trust Security Model.

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