Zero Trust Security Defined

Zero Trust is an approach to cybersecurity that requires all users, devices and connections to be continuously authenticated before being granted access to data and IT assets.

Zero Trust is an alternative to a “castle-and-moat” strategy that implicitly trusts users and devices connected to the network. Historically, this model has enabled attackers who have successfully penetrated a network perimeter to move freely throughout an IT environment.

A Zero Trust model can stop this lateral movement by ensuring only authenticated users and devices have access to applications. This is achieved in part through least privilege access enforcement, comprehensive security monitoring of user activity and an understanding that everyone is denied access by default.

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Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR

It's no secret that much of the world's malware and ransomware makes its way to organizations through infected files.

This overview video explains how Zero Trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) strips malware from office documents, images and PDFs. Put an end to Zero Day malware with Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR.

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