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Modern organisations face an increasingly complex IT landscape. Remote and hybrid working have accelerated the need to adopt cloud Services in order to remain competitive. However, IT teams don't always possess the skills and capacity required to maintain such solutions - leading to service disruption and inefficiencies. 

We'll help you to overcome the challenges of cloud adoption with tecnical support, consulting and optimisation services to meet your specific needs.

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Bytes Azure Cost Optimisation Guide


Managing costs is a challenge for organisations
using public cloud services but also an
opportunity to drive efficient consumption of IT.

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Commercial management


Customer satisfaction


Service improvement


Issue resolution


SLA monitoring & reporting

How it works

Support services

  • Reactive support available 24x7 with major incident (P1) response times starting from 30 minutes as standard. Incidents are managed through to resolution and can be escalated to the vendor. 
  • Proactive support includes regular health checks, patching, upgrades and other maintenance activities. 

Optimisation services

  • Commercial optimisation analyses cloud spend to determine cost-saving using existing licenses, upfront purchasing and shifting spend to/from marketplace. 
  • Technical optimisation reviews cloud services to determine rightsizing opportunities, remove unused/orphan services, identify potential for spot instances, and shut down services when not required.

FLEX consulting services

  • This provides you with access to consultants across infrastructure, cyber security, modern workplace, change management, user adoption, and training and commercial services.
  • Cloud Essentials reinforces your cloud strategy with specialist support, management, optimisation and flexible consulting services.

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Our unique platform

Bytes Quantum Azure and Cloud Health will provide you with visibility of what is running across your cloud environments and how these can be technically and commercially optimised. 

Key features

  • 24x7 remote support
  • Major incident management and resolution
  • Level 2 and 3 support
  • Patching, upgrades and health checks
  • Maintenance, remediation and technical rightsizing
  • Cloud cost management using Hybrid Benefits, Reservations and Spot Instances
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Service tokens

Cloud Essentials services are all accessed and paid for using Service Tokens, which are procured upfront and used when either an incident is raised on the Service Desk, when proactive maintenance activities are booked, or when consultants are required. 

If an incident is raised on the Service Desk, the amount of Service Tokens consumed will vary, inceasing for out-of-hours and weekend support. Service Token charges also vary based on the technical area and experience of the consultant required. Consultants can be used in half-day units for remote work or full days for onsite activities.

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