We provide consistent and continuous replication of production workloads from VMware & Hyper V environments to our target UK based Datacentre or AWS and Azure.

By leveraging DRaaS, capital costs are dramatically reduced and replaced with a predictable monthly service charge. The time to acquire and configure hardware is eliminated, making it easy for IT to quickly meet changing business requirements.

Your IT teams can test failover on the DR site for as long as they require with no impact on production systems.

How does this benefit you?

  • Intuitive cloud portal ensures simple but effective DR management & testing
  • Hypervisor based replication - array agnostic, replicate from any storage to any storage
  • 100% VM aware, replicates specific VMs regardless of LUNs
  • No impact DR testing means you can test your failover process without impacting production systems.
  • Multi-site - managed from a single console means you can protect multiple sites under one solution
  • Customisation - one-click recovery and boot order specification
  • Continuous replication - low RTO/RPO and journal-based, point in time recovery.
  • Superb service levels - RPO’s of seconds and RTO’s of minutes – guaranteed SLA of 4 hours.
  • Built-in failback functionality helps you get back to normal after a disaster
  • WAN optimisation built-in for effective data transfer performance
  • Wide variety of connection options – providing a solution for a wide variety of connection options for sites and users
  • One to many – replicate to multiple destination sites
  • File level restore – recover files and folders from seconds before deletion or corruption
  • Future proof – support for Azure and AWS as a target site

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