vRealize Network Insight

The VNA demonstrates the value of VMware NSX by analysing traffic patterns inside the datacentre. The tool produces a report summarising the volume of East-West traffic, top talkers by traffic type and by workload. As well as highlighting security risks and a preview of actionable micro-segmentation recommendations. 

The workshop is powered by vRealize Network Insight and offered by Bytes free of charge!

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Micro-Segmentation Planning


Ensure health of NSX Deployment


Optimise Network Performance

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VMware NSX enables you to

  • Reduce time on manual tasks significantly
  • Reduce change management
  • Offload an increasing volume of east/west traffic from the network core, extending its lifespan without having to add expensive capacity
  • Automates the movement of networking and security policies, without the need to make any hardware change or re-IPing of workloads

Assessment Deliverables

Start Point

Bytes will install a vRealize Network Insight and will then start data collection

Check Point

The tool analyses the traffic inside the datacentre, gaining insight into VM traffic and identifies the proportion of traffic that is routed or switched

End Point

Bytes produces a report summarising the datacentre traffic profile, security gaps and areas for CAPEX and OPEX savings

Close Point

Bytes schedule a wrap up which includes the customer, a Bytes engineer and the VMware account team

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