Solve problems while reducing cost

The Virtualisation Optimisation Assessment (VOA) is integrated with the Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) and is offered by Bytes completely free of charge. 

You'll receive a series of analytic reports which assess the configuration, performance and capacity of your vSphere environment. We can identify misconfigured clusters, hosts and VMs, performance problems, underutilized CPU, memory and disk space and overall cost savings. 

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Reclamation savings opportunities

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Assessment Deliverables

Day 1

  • Pre install planning
  • Install vROps or vROI
  • Provide user orientation of the vSphere UI
  • Download and install new VOA reports
  • Execute the VOA configuration report
  • Customise the settings and run reports for 30 days

Days 5-7

  • Execute VOA performance report
  • Highlight report results and health data from the UI
  • Show workload analysis
  • Talk about troubleshooting and the value of adding log insight
  • Provide user orientation of the UI, dashboards, ect

Days 21-30

  • Compile customised VOA report, including cloud costs
  • Present reports to business stakeholders looking at different cloud options compared to on premise
  • Show the value and demonstrate how operations management benefits your business

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