Choose the best strategy

With ever-expanding platform offerings, it's important to ensure you evaluate where best to put your workloads.

Whether you're just starting to assess your cloud migration, have a plan already established, need to ease the management of multiple platforms, are preparing for a hardware refresh or datacentre integration project, or considering containerisation - let our consultants guide you on the best option for your modern datacentre!

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Make sure you're future proofed

Bytes will work with you to understand your current enviornment to design a roadmap for the ideal modern datacentre for you. We will help you identify which workloads are within scope for migration, and consider whether they're cloud or container native. 

With our expert advice you can make confident and well informed decisions. Discover which platforms will best suit your business needs, operationally and commercially. 

Explore the capabilities, benefits and limitations of




Software Defined Networking




Workloads & Applications



What to expect


  • Your current infrastructure maturity and requirements
  • Explore your current datacentre roadmap


  • Deliver the Datacentre workshop
  • Run toolsets and assessments to gather data
  • Analyse and build the GAP analysis
  • Consider vendors and offerings


  • A solution recommendation report and roadmap 
  • Knowledge transfer and guidance
  • Align appropriate technologies to create solutions

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