Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Designed for corporations with more than 250 desktop PCs looking to license 100% of their estate for a three year period.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement offers a predictable and affordable annual payment that is fixed for the 3 year term on selected products. It also provides the flexibility to adapt to changing and different user requirements, full access to the latest Microsoft Enterprise software products as well as the support of Microsoft’s Software Assurance package. The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement also allows for organisations to migrate their software into a Cloud solution with on-premise, online or a hybrid software usage.

By enabling the organisation to adjust their licensing as is required between traditional and cloud platforms, greater control can be gained to ensure the organisation is running as effectively as possible on all available platforms.

Helping your organisation get the most value from your software investment, the Enterprise Agreement benefits include:

  • Better manageability
  • Maximized value

An Enterprise Agreement offers many other opportunities to help maximise the value by participating in the program including:

Reduced purchasing complexity through:

  • Simplified purchasing agreements
  • Affiliate purchasing

Added value by offering ways to:

  • Save money
  • Realize more value from Software Assurance
  • Make a seamless transition

Increased flexibility by:

  • Cross-language use rights
  • Training and evaluation software licenses
  • Re-Imaging rights
  • Secondary use rights

With the options of either purchasing software license through Enterprise Agreement Enrolments or Enterprise Subscription programs, a pricing plan can be found to suit your budgetary requirements. It also allows the organisation have a more control to be able to add or remove licenses as and when best fit their needs.

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