Microsoft Products & Services Agreement (MPSA)

Simplification of Microsoft Volume Licensing

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) offers more flexible purchasing options, so you have greater control in how you purchase. In addition, the MPSA is supported by new streamlined, self-service tools, making it easier for you to manage your assets. Developed based on customer research, the MPSA aligns with Microsoft’s guiding principles of flexibility, manageability, and value. Suited for commercial organizations with 250 or more users, the MPSA is the best option for transactional purchases of Microsoft products and Online Services.

  MPSA Factsheet

Bytes was one of the first resellers to adopt the new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) under the next generation of Microsoft Volume Licensing (NGVL) initiative.

MPSA features include the following:

One simple agreement

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a single agreement for your software, Online Services and Software Assurance purchases across your organization. It can save you time and money by combining purchase points for the best price level and reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple agreements.

Flexible, faster purchasing

Under your MPSA, you have the flexibility to define how you want to purchase (for example, by affiliate, division, department or any other group you define in your organization), to choose and provision the solution your organization needs. You are in control.

Simplified asset management

The new Microsoft Volume Licensing Center (MVLC) has an intuitive, easy to use interface so you can quickly view and generate reports on everything purchased under the MPSA. It allows you to manage your portfolio of Microsoft products and services across your entire organization. The MVLC also allows you to self-provision online services, more quickly download software, and access your volume license keys more easily.

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