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With Bytes as your Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) partner, you can concentrate on your core business needs with increased confidence whilst getting affordable prices and help from our team of experts. 

For a strong business, you need a strong advisory team. Our ethos is simplicity - our services are straightforward and well supported with effective sales tools and first-class advice. We'll keep you up-to-date so you can leverage new opportunities while maintaining and excelling in your core business. 

Bytes Intelligent Licensing for Microsoft Cloud

Benefits of SPLA

Service providers and ISVs recieve a hosted offering to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis to provide services and hosted applications to their end customers. 

  • The SPLA has no joining cost
  • Provides easy and efficient reporting
  • Offers competitive prices 
  • No additional costs for upgrades
  • Software Assurance is included. 

The SPLA models

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Subscriber Access License (SAL)

SAL subscribers can access any number of servers from any number of devices, and can "scale out" by deploying as many servers as they need. 

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Processor License (CPU)

CPU licenses are easier to monitor and count, they replace Internet Connector licenses which eliminates the need to distinguish between Internet, intranet and extranet users. 


Why Bytes?

We can help you:

  • Understand the benefits of SPLA
  • Provide you with training on licensing terminology and best practices
  • Gain access to pricing via our online portal

We respect that our Partners work hard at building trust with their customers. So we work hard to ensure that the collective experience is enhanced by our engagement. 

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