SQL & Virtualisation

What is SQL & Virtual Infrastructure Modernisation?

A SQL & Virtual Infrastructure Engagement is designed to provide your organisation with an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your server environment. We will take into consideration current deployments of SQL & Windows server, its usage and licensing implications.

How can a SQL & Virtual Infrastructure engagement help my business?

Within your business, it's important to obtain a clear picture of what products are being used and what is licensed, but many IT professionals today struggle to keep track of the ever changing IT environment. By deploying a SQL & Virtual Infrastructure engagement, your business could benefit from a number of factors which will essentially increase visibility of potential risks and identify key areas where organisations can be optimised to meet business goals.

  SQL & Virtual Infrastructure Modernisation

Key benefits include:

  • Identify all SQL Servers & Windows Server deployments in your organisation
  • Understand the infrastructure supporting SQL including virtualised infrastructure
  • Identify key areas where infrastructure can be optimised to reduce financial risk and meet organisational goals
  • Understand whether introducing a dedicated developer infrastructure would address some of the risk
  • Identify gaps in governance process and agree how to address them
  • Reduce risks associated with non-compliance
  • Develop a roadmap for future evolution of the IT environment, based upon a clear understanding of the existing infrastructure

What is the process?

A Bytes SQL & Virtual Infrastructure Engagement consists of 5 key phases:


We will analyse your current IT environment and gather necessary data.


We will look at the current state of your IT to determine if there are any gaps for improvement or areas of opportunity.


We will hold a workshop and obtain your business goals/objectives.


We will provide you with the right tools so you can make necessary changes.


We will conduct regular reviews of the business to ensure you continue meeting desired goals.

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