Sharepoint LMS

With the increased adoption of SharePoint as a corporate intranet portal, Bytes are pleased to introduce ShareKnowledge the first corporate SharePoint Learning Management System (LMS).

For organisations that are committed SharePoint users and those that have decided on SharePoint as their corporate Enterprise Content Management Solution, a SharePoint-based LMS is the learning management system (LMS) of choice.

Why a SharePoint LMS

To increase the likelihood that employees and contractors have timely participation in mandatory training and make the best use of optional learning, it makes sense to have training available where employees spend much of their time. For many organisations this means SharePoint!

About ShareKnowledge

Built on SharePoint technology this Add In software leverages your existing SharePoint Infrastructure, Single Sign-on (SSO) using Active Directory (AD) and SharePoint profiles already implemented for SharePoint. Organisations are also likely to increase the use of SharePoint by having Learning Management and Enterprise Content Management integrated in one system.

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