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Keep up-to-date

SQL Server 2019 is the most up-to-date version of SQL Server. With this version you can gain valuable insights from all your existing data. You can also combine both structured and unstructured data, and prepare your data to be analysed.

SQL Server 2019 includes improvements to various previous SQL Server features, including:

  • Intelligent Query Processing
  • In-Memory Database
  • Mission-critical security 

SQL Server 2019 editions

SQL Server 2019 is available in four different editions:

  • Enterprise -  provides you with the very best levels of security and performance
  • Standard - improvements to performance speed, programming capabilities and security. You can easily upgrade from Standard to Enterprise edition
  • Express - entry level database, available for free
  • Developer - use all the features of the Enterprise edition in your non-production dev/test environments. Available for free

Benefits of SQL Server 2019


Analyse every type of data


Customise language and platform


Industry-leading performance


Improved decision making

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Big Data Cluster

You can now manage your big data environment more efficiently with the help of Big Data Clusters. Integrated with SQL Server and fully supported by Microsoft, Big Data Clusters will provide you with the essential elements of a data lake. 

Using Linux containers on Kubernetes Cluster you can deploy your database with ease. 

SQL Server 2008 End of Support

SQL Server 2008 has reached end of support. At Bytes we recommend that you update to current versions to avoid issues with compliance and outside threats. 


  • Migrate to Azure to get free Extended Security Updates for 3 years after the deadline
  • Migrate to Azure SQL Database Managed Instances
  • Save with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances
  • Upgrade to SQL Server 2019
Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

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