Make sustainable decisions at the right time

The assessment will consist of a full review of previous Cisco spend followed by a presentation covering all feedback, recommendations, and findings.

This session can also cover the latest network trends and threats, suggestions for improvements on energy consumption, and the ultimate delivery of your business objectives.

This process will allow you to have a plan in place to deal with managing your network over the long term and will give you visibility of the age, support status and refresh cycle of your network.


Our Methodology

The Bytes team will get to know your current estate and what it is you are trying to achieve and will then highlight any security vulnerabilities, analyse potential energy savings, including PoE and then also provide feedback on the lifecycle status of your current network components.

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Gather as much information as possible

Conduct both a technical and business review

Analyse against lifecycle milestones and associated support contracts

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Analysis of the data carried out

Architecture mapping exercise

Create a set of prioritized recommendations

Roadmap against architectural objectives

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Provided based on risk, cost, and strategy

Detailed recommendations against compliance, energy, environmental, and security policies


Dealing With All Networking Matters Across Your Business

The assessment will cover the following:

  • Cisco Letter of Authority
  • Install Base Report
  • Analysis  of potential PoE every savings
  • End of Life/End of Sales Items
  • End of Support/Co-termination
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Upgrade and Trade In Recommendations
  • Architectural Recommendations
  • Sustainable recycling options

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