Bytes Enterprise Modernisation (BEM)

What is BEM?

Bytes Enterprise Modernisation is an engagement that covers all aspects of the IT landscape. Our BEM Specialists undertake assessments to analyse your current IT position and work on a modernisation roadmap which will essentially help you meet your business requirements. Whether you are looking to address business risks, remove IT constraints or meet new objectives, the BEM engagement will endeavour to make this happen.

Modernisation Drivers

  • Windows 2003 EOL (July 2015)
  • SQL 2005 EOL (April 2016)
  • Hardware warranty periods
  • Data centre capacity constraints
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Shift from Capex to OpEx
  • Development agility

How can BEM help your business

Choosing to execute a BEM roadmap will benefit your business in a number of ways, including eliminating those business concerns that are effecting your IT estate. Perhaps you are looking to reduce costs and risks within your business? Maybe you want to gain greater transparency and control over IT spend? Or, perhaps you are looking to move current workloads to a more modern environment such as the cloud? Whatever the challenge, our BEM specialists can help you utilise your IT landscape to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.

A BEM engagement will consider all aspects of the IT landscape covering existing IT platforms, software and services along with security and storage. A planned journey will be established that determines how IT should change, over time, to either meet new business objectives, address risks, or remove IT constraints. The BEM engagement will also enable organisations to start their journey to the Cloud and manage this environment whilst optimising cost alongside normal operations - a Key focus for organisations today.


We will gain an understanding of your current IT environment


Our assessment will find any gaps or improvement areas


We will work with you to determine business goals


We will deploy the necessary changes as proposed


We will manage and review post modernisation

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