Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Capabilities Add-On SKU: For CSP Customers

Thursday 18th May 2023

Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo is designed to meet your data residency requirements, while retaining single-tenant administration and full-fidelity collaboration experiences between users, as necessary. 

The Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Capabilities add-on provides customers with the ability to expand their Microsoft 365 prescence to multipme geographic regions within a single existing Microsoft 365 Tenant. Multi-Geo enables customers to manage data-at-rest locations at a granular level for their users, SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams level. Multi-Geo is targeted to customers who have a need to store data in multiple geographies to satisfy their data residency requirements. 

Beginning from 1st June 2023, Multi-Geo capabilities will be available to CSP customers, who are using Microsoft 365, Office 365, Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint subscriptions. With Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo, CSP partners will be able to ensure their customers meet their data residency requirements. 


Customers must purchase a quantity of Multi-Geo licenses equal to or greater than 5% of your total eligible seats. Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo is available as an add-on to the following Microsoft 365 subscription plans. 

  • Microsoft 365 F1, F3, E3, or E5
  • Office 365 F3, E1, E3, or E5
  • Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2
  • OneDrive for Business Plan 1 or Plan 2
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1 or Plan 2

Note: Multi-Geo Capabilities in Microsoft 365 is a user-level add-on license. You need a license for each user that you want to host in a Satellite Geography location. You canh add more licenses over time as you add users in Satellite Geography locations.

There are no Multi-Geo licenses specific to shared resources such as SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, or Microsoft teams. If enough Multi-Geo user licenses have been acquired, then customers are eligible to use Multi-Geo with shared resources without limitation. 


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