Bytes Acquires Exclusive Rights for E-Billing Specialists, Infoslips

Friday 15th July 2016

Bytes Document Solutions (UK) are delighted to announce they have today signed an exclusive import and distribution agreement with multi-award-winning e-Billing specialists, InfoSlips.

Darren Spence, Bytes Managing Director, explains: "For several years our customers have been helping us challenge and evolve the Managed Print Services market so it's less device-centric and more print-centric. As a result and in the last three years alone we've been fortunate to have picked up six "Partner of the Year" awards and attracted accolades from industry Analysts and third party commentators.

However, in recent months our customers have challenged us to take our offering to a different place altogether as they are less interested in having someone simply managing their print outputs but are more interested in helping them move away from paper-based workflows altogether - replacing them with more efficient, flexible and dynamic electronic alternatives.

Mobility is a big factor driving the explosion in process automation, as is the move to more agile cloud-based environments.

To help give customers what they want we've gone through a huge business transformation process of our own and have re-designed how we offer services to our customers. This transformational process is now complete and has resulted in the establishment of a dedicated Business Document Automation (BDA) Business Unit, called Twenty20, whose sole purpose is to help organisations eliminate print from their core business processes, altogether.

E-Billing, by which we mean dynamic and electronic: Customer invoicing and customer statements; and internal payroll and total rewards statements, is a key component to our overall BDA Twenty20 proposition. To this end, and over the last 18 months we have researched many different solutions from every corner of the world and after much testing we settled on the InfoSlips solution. Not only does InfoSlips address the needs of our customers today, but the development roadmap will help them realise further efficiencies for many years to come.

InfoSlips is the #1 e-Billing platform in South Africa (where the company distributes many millions of "InfoSlips" a month), and is not only used by many household names, but is also used by our 12,000 employee-strong Parent Company, Altron.

We are very excited with the plans we have for InfoSlips and look forward to helping companies all over the UK and Europe enhance their processes and e-Billing workflows."

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