Bytes Blog: Key Takeaways of Check Point's CPX 2024

Thursday 21st March 2024

Writer: Giuseppe Damiano

I travelled to Vienna a few weeks ago to attend the Check Point #CPX2024 event and - needless to say - the reality far exceeded my expectations.

The agenda was packed full of exciting new product releases as well as an equally promising roadmap, so I thought about writing this blog to share my findings with those who could not attend in person.

The announcements were divided across the three main areas below. There also were a great deal of new features announced on the roadmap, but I am not able to discuss any of them on this blog, at least until they are officially released.


The most significant announcements were:

  • a much anticipated R82 release
  • two new higher-performing gateways topping the Quantum Spark portfolio (1900 and 2000)
  • a brand new AI-Powered firewall range named Quantum Force, consisting of three lines of varying performances and target markets: the 9000 (6 models), the 19000 (2 models), and the 29000 (2 models) all boasting up to 2x performance throughput, increased power efficiency and improved TLS inspection, with the latter now measured and clearly stated in the datasheet for all these models.

Something which I'm sure all existing Check Point customers will be eager to acquire.

On the R82 front, the most notable feature perhaps is the introduction of ElasticXL, a new clustering mechanism which allows for active-active clusters in a similar fashion to that of the Maestro range, but without the need for an orchestrator. Something which I trust will attract the attention of all those who are considering scaling up their operations.

Last, but definitely not least, Check Point finally managed to create a working LLM-based AI Copilot, enhancing the ability of extracting information from the Security Gateway Management service and change the configuration through a natural language chat prompt. The feature is currently in preview and available only for the Smart-1 Cloud service, but I heard the plan is to extend it to the cloud management interface of other products and even to the support portal search bar. I have personally seen it in action and had to pinch myself… It is quite remarkable!

If you are reading this paragraph and are thinking: "Check Point just bought the Copilot engine from Microsoft and are now using it for their infinity platform", you're not too far from the truth, but you might also need to appreciate that an LLM is only as good as how well it is trained and how well the preliminary results are then scrutinised and vetted by... another AI engine! After all, nobody wants an AI assistant, capable of performing changes to your network security, and suffering from hallucinations or misunderstanding a prompt query. And Check Point are fully aware of that.


Harmony news started with the introduction of Posture Management for Harmony Endpoint: a feature long awaited by organisation focusing on consolidation and keen on maximising their ROI.

A brand new Harmony SaaS solution reaffirms Check Point's desire to get a share of the SaaS security and SSPM market. This solution is not re-exhumed from the days’ past (remember CloudGuard SaaS?), but rather a brand new platform capable of leveraging Quantum Security Gateways, Harmony Email & Collaboration and Infinity Security Operations for enhanced discovery, effectively paving the way for Check Point to access the still sizeable CASB market.

Harmony SASE and Harmony Email & Collaboration were also presented with a list of announced updated coming soon in 2024.


CloudGuard announcements begun with the introduction of Check Point's unique ability to integrate with Azure vWAN and AWS CloudWAN for the delivery of security and segmentation across multiple locations in these environments.

Finally, CloudGuard CNAPP now adds risk factors and exposure impact to the to the already rich set of its features, and a lot more are in the cards for 2024.


All in all, the CPX conference aimed to set and share the pace at which Check Point is striving to keep with technological evolutions and to stay abreast of the current market demands from both new and existing customers.

Whether or not they will succeed, only time will tell but the necessary indicators are there and carry a great deal of potential!

If any of the topics discussed are of interest to you, feel free to reach out to your Bytes Account Manager, or email [email protected] to be put in touch with one.


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