Bytes Blog: Unpacking AI + Automation in 2023

Tuesday 12th September 2023

Writer: Gennaro Migliaccio, Contributor: Nicole Chesworth, Editor: Daniela Miccardi


It feels like only a few months ago when if you asked someone to define AI and it’s uses. Most would respond with “It doesn’t exist!” or, “Don’t you mean Machine Learning?”. Fast forward to today, and we now have some interesting concepts of Generative AI that can take existing data and create entirely new content from that data.

So, where are we now

I think that users across all industries have now had some type of exposure to AI, as this is something that is not just consumable across IT teams and tech enthusiasts. As we progress through the year, we are witnessing an increase in augmented working, whereby all users are embracing AI – using it as one of the main tools in their toolkit. 

In terms of consumption, there are several open platforms that can be leveraged by any user. Chat GPT being a key one that made waves in the AI space. Whilst it is great for exposure, we need to consider the fact that these tools are only using public information (the internet) – and some f this information can be considered out of date, therefore invalid. I believe the real value of using AI for augmented working is when we can easily utilise our own data sets and produce up-to-date insights and analytics over our data. Whilst it's possible to do this by building your own data set and algorithm, we all know that everyone wants something easy and consumable.

What does the future look like

I believe that as more tech giants become more invested in AI and begin publishing their own platforms (that can quickly consume and utilise your data), we will witness the true power of augmented working.

Microsoft is leading the way with this – launching the co-pilot program and, given the fact that Microsoft already provides a solid platform for data and services (Microsoft 365 & Azure), it makes sense that these will go hand in hand. 

For more information on what we know about Co-Pilot, please refer to the following articles: Microsoft 365 Copilot - What do we know and how can we get ready? (

If you are interested in getting ready for AI, then look no further: 

Where are the roadblocks/issues/challenges

As with any new system, solution, and new way of working, there will always be roadblocks and challenges. AI is no different. It is a powerful system that can provide almost instant productivity and insights and  can also be warped and used in the wrong way. Attackers and Hackers are known to use these types of tools to craft new attacks and increase the sophistication of their attacks.

Attackers aside, we also must consider the “trust” of AI. AI requires data to learn, and as more and more businesses seek to use AI, this will mean ingesting sensitive/personal data (think of the NHS or Banks using AI). If the public doesn’t trust AI, or understand how it makes decisions, then we simply won't feel comfortable handing over our data, and at that point AI starts to crumble. 

Therefore, work needs to be done to make the understanding of AI more universal

I can certainly see AI becoming the feared monster if we use this to blindly make automated decisions on people’s health and finances. However, I can equally see it as the next step in how we use technology and become more productive, and evolve industries like healthcare, as well as addressing issues such as the skills gap.

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