Bytes - Leaving the Stars in the Dust - Going to Infinity & Beyond

Friday 17th April 2020

In the biggest change to Check Point’s Partner Program in recent years, Bytes have been named as one of only 3 Elite Partners in the UK and one of only 14 globally.

In the past Check Point Partners have been ranked by the number of stars they have. Whilst this still holds for the majority, a new category has been introduced for those partners who have gone above and beyond, Elite.

It is perhaps no surprise (but still a delight) that as one of Check Point’s most accredited global partners, their world’s 1st Infinity Specialist and current EMEA Strategic Partner of the Year, Bytes have been elevated to this new, prestigious rank.

Our commitment to Check Point over the last 20 years to add value to their offerings, improve customer experience and knowledge and expand support services has paid off.

Bytes now hold every technical and vendor accreditation available to UK resellers.

Why this Matters

These Partner rankings are an important factor when considering which partners to work with.

Why? They are an indication of the level of commitment and expertise we offer when delivering Check Point solutions and indicate how well we are able to work with Check Point in the event of an incident.

These accreditations put Bytes in the best possible situation to support our customers with specialist technical services, pricing advantage and enhanced early access to cutting edge technology.
It also means that Bytes opinions matter to Check Point, so we are able to actively shape their technology direction to ensure our customers’ needs are met.   

In 2020 Bytes will strive to keep ahead of the trends and keep our level of accreditation while continually improving our offering. We invite you to join us on this journey past the stars.

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