Bytes Named Exabeam EMEA Partner of the Year

Thursday 7th October 2021

Bytes continues upwards at Exabeam’s Second Annual Partner Awards

Bytes’ ability to understand evolving threats, its customers’ needs and the value added through account management has been publicly rewarded with the sought-after ‘EMEA Partner of the Year’ award.

Bytes was recognised during Exabeam’s second annual Partner of the Year Awards. This award comes one year after winning Exabeam’s ‘EMEA Rocket Partner of the Year’ and confirms the desire to excel for customers and to grow its business with the security analytics and automation vendor and solidifies Exabeam as being at the forefront of Bytes’ analytics, automation and next-generation SIEM offering.

These awards are an important indication of the value Bytes is able to provide customers when they are looking to enable their security teams to work effectively and efficiently in locking down security threats. By ensuring the value they add to customers is ever improving, Bytes have ensured a great platform for Exabeam’s latest offerings.

"I am very pleased to announce Bytes as the Exabeam Partner if the year for EMEA after winning Rocket partner of the year in 2020. We are excited to see the continued joint growth of our organisations as we deliver the exceptional for our customers, playing our part in developing stronger and more robust cyber strategies in an ever changing business landscape."
James Anderson, AVP of EMEA Channels

Jeremy Edwards, Head of Corporate Security at Bytes, accredits Bytes success to a concentrated effort to align aspects of the business to effectively communicate the value Exabeam can add to businesses across the UK by meeting their requirements in the ever changing landscape.

"We are extremely proud to have been named EMEA Partner of the Year by Exabeam, especially as we received Rocket Partner of the Year last year. This recognition displays our continued commitment to understanding and presenting Exabeam’s solutions to those customers who need it most. This is a great continuation of our partnership with Exabeam and we look forward to working with them more in the future."

Bytes aims to continue it’s growth with Exabeam in the year to come while keeping to their high standard of delivery.

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