Bytes - Okta EMEA Partner of the Year

Friday 3rd April 2020

From UK Partner of the Year to EMEA Partner of the Year in 2020 - Bytes continued success with Okta bags them the top spot available to partners at Oktane20Live

Bytes ability to commit to succeeding with Okta through building a robust identity message around the Okta Solution and the value they add in account management has been publicly rewarded with the in-demand accolade of  “EMEA Partner of the Year”

This award builds upon Bytes recent ‘UK and Ireland Partner of the Year’ status, cementing Bytes position as the go to partner for everything Okta. It shows Bytes real hunger this year to ensure that Okta solutions are at the forefront of their Identity and Access message for customers.

These awards are an important indication of the value Bytes add to customers when they are looking to enable their workforce to work securely, with confidence and efficiency. By ensuring the value they add to customers is ever improving, Bytes have delivered tremendous growth of 359% in 2019 with Okta. Bytes intend to build further on this success in the coming year.  

“Bytes has been the ideal partner, they understood how important enablement was and chose the smart alignment with AE’s in order to show quick results. Now they are one of our top EMEA partners.”

commented Giovanni Natalino, Director Regional Alliance EMEA, Okta

Luke Kiernan, Head of Security Alliances of Bytes, accredits Bytes’ Okta success to a concentrated effort to align all aspects of the business to effectively communicate the value Okta can add to businesses across the UK.

“We are extremely proud to receive EMEA Partner of the Year for Okta, adding to our very recent achievements of UK/ Ire Partner of the Year and Pre-Sales Rep of the Year. The triple recognition shows our clear commitment and understanding of the Okta platform. Identity & Access Management is a key focus area for Bytes and one of the many reasons why we took the opportunity to invest in dedicated roles within our security business. We have enhanced our capabilities across sales and technical pre-sales to provide as much value back to our customers as possible. This is only the beginning our journey with Okta and I expect this to grow from strength to strength.”

Toby Noble, Security & Identity Specialist, accredits their success to Bytes absolute commitment and expertise in advising customers on the best ways to work securely, with Okta being a pivotal aspect of this.

“This latest award reflects the value both Bytes and Okta see in one another in delivering the very best in Identity solutions to our customers. This is a fantastic achievement for Bytes and our security team who consistently strive to enable our customers to work securely and flexibly, while utilising the technology that drives their business. As our team grows, we’re focusing more heavily on Identity Access and enabling our customers; Okta is pivotal to this goal. We expect to see another year of tremendous growth with Okta as organisations around the globe become ever more receptive to the benefits of flexible working and accepting Identity as the new perimeter.”

Bytes aim to continue this rate of growth in the year to come, maintain their exclusive top tier Elite Partner status for 2020 and improve their identity message, ensuring customers receive the best possible solutions for their organisations.

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