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Friday 15th July 2016

Heartbleed - Scale and Danger Still Unknown David Rawle, Bytes CTO, Featured in Sunday Telegraph

Following Bytes Heartbleed update in our Denial of Service webinar on Friday 11th April David Rawle, CTO of Bytes Security Partnerships, was asked to contribute to a special article on Heartbleed within the BusinessTechnology Supplement of the Sunday Telegraph.

Amongst his comment was a word of warning on changing passwords, especially given all the conflicting messages in the media on that topic

Excerpt from article

"Advice security companies have been giving to those impacted by the bug is to only change your password once you receive confirmation that the system has been fixed by the company affected.

Rawle says: "If you change your password for something that has not yet been fixed tomorrow someone could take your password and use that, particularly now this vulnerability is known, the number of people who will be trying to utilise it to get data will be going through the roof.

"I would advise people to go to the site directly and be happy that they have changed their system before you change your password. "If any of the companies you are using give you the choice of doing two factors identification take this as an opportunity to turn it on."

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